You are going to embark on a journey toward the American dream of becoming the owner of your own home. As with any journey toward a prized goal, you may encounter problems along the way. Total Title Solutions is here to help you leap the hurdles, navigate the obstacles or smooth the snags that might impede your transaction.

Before you begin, let’s look at some important issues that will provide you with the answers and the steps that will make your transaction a pleasant and rewarding experience. 

Some helpful downloads and information from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau:

Another situation many buyers might not completely understand is FIRPTA, or the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act. When a real estate transaction involves a foreign seller, along with other qualifications, the buyer can be responsible for tax obligations. For more information please click our FIRPTA Q & A.

Here are some additional checklists to get you started:
How much home can you reasonably afford?
Choosing the best real estate agent for you…
Choosing the most advantageous mortgage lender…
Independent Mortgage Companies
Savings Institutions
Commercial Banks
Credit Unions
Public Agencies
Employers and Unions
Fixed-Rate Mortgage (FRM)
Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)
Graduated Payment Mortgage (GPM)
Growing-Equity Mortgage (GEM)
Fifteen-Year Mortgage
Biweekly Mortgage
Federal Housing Administration Insured Loans (FHA)
FHA Down Payment Assistance
Payment Problems
Veterans Administration Guaranteed Loans (VA)