Choosing a Realtor

Everyone is different. Luckily there are all different types of personalities, styles and attitudes out there so you have a wide range to choose from when selecting a Realtor. Pay attention to your individual needs and what makes you and your property different. Many Realtors have specialties and are experts in certain properties.

You are selling your home…

Your house is too small. Your house is too big. It’s in the city and you want to live in the country, or it’s in the country and you want to live in the city. Whatever reason there is, you want a ‘for sale’ sign in your front yard. You probably will never sell anything more valuable than your home. This means you’ll want to get the most from your long-term investment.

Here are some checklists to get you started:

Getting Ready to Sell
Clutter Removal
Assessing the Exterior of Your House
House Exterior
The Back Yard
Front Door & Entryway
Setting the Price
Study the Comparables
Get an Appraisal
Showing your house to potential buyers
Leaving the House
Pet Control
The Kitchen Trash
Keep the House Neat and Clean
Key Elements of the Sales Contract
Condition of the Home and Inspection
Response Deadline
Settlement Date and Occupancy
Preparing for Closing
The Papers You'll Need