What to Expect from Your Closing

Total Title Solutions strives to make every closing as smooth and stress-free as possible. Be prepared for your closing by reviewing the closing details below.


Please allow adequate time for your closing. If you are obtaining a loan for your purchase, typically an hour is required. If you are closing with cash, it will take approximately thirty minutes for your closing.


You will need to bring some form of photo identification, preferably a driver’s license. It is necessary to obtain photo identification for documents to be notarized. There may be times when your lender will request a second form of identification, but the Lender will advise you at that time.

Funds for Closing

All funds for closing will need to be wired to our escrow account. When you are ready to wire funds, please call our office to obtain our wiring instructions. Please note, funds being wired will most often take a few hours to process through the Banks to our escrow account. We advise our clients to initiate the wire twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours in advance of closing. This will ensure funds are available to disburse at closing and keys to the home will be provided.

If you have special wiring needs or questions concerning your funds, please call your Closing Officer well in advance of the closing date.

Closing Statement

Every effort is made to forward your Settlement Statement to you at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of closing. This will enable all parties to review the Statement and make any corrections or changes prior to closing. HOWEVER, we cannot complete the Buyers Statement unless we have been provided the closing instructions and approval by the Lender. If you are the Seller and require your Statement in advance, please contact your Closing Officer. We often complete the Seller’s Settlement Statement well in advance of closing.

Total Title Solutions is just what you need to help your closing run smoothly!

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